Father’s Day Inventory

Four years ago, I was celebrating Father's Day for the first time, nervously overwhelmed holding my not-even-two-month-old son. Today, I feel gratefully content holding my three-month old daughter while discussing roly polies¬†with my four-year old son. I remember celebrating Father's Day with my dad pretty simply, hanging around the house, maybe grilling and eating a … Continue reading Father’s Day Inventory

I May Be Raising A Brat (or he’s just another selfish three foot human)

We took the family to Como Zoo and Como Town. The nonprofit donation-only zoo is amazing and we saw the famous Sparky The Seal Show that has entertained for generations. But the real attraction were the rides at Como town. My four-year old flipped for train rides, a slower-than-a-stroll mini go-cart track and bumper cards. … Continue reading I May Be Raising A Brat (or he’s just another selfish three foot human)

Setting or Settling The Bar?

I was gifted the opportunity to volunteer with a nonprofit called Start Reading Now that provides first-graders in poverty the ability to take ten books home before summer break. One particular study shows that giving low-income kids books over the summer is equivalent to sending them to summer school. The program empowers students to select … Continue reading Setting or Settling The Bar?