Why I Try to Shelter My Kids From Trump

Television is a reward for my four-year old son. After acknowledgement of deeds well done, good behavior and self control, he can turn in the six reward coins for a walk to the park, special play time with mom or dad, or choice of his favorite TV show.

These coins, “special” coins, not from the piggy bank, are given throughout various random moments in the week, but could be earned even once or twice a day.


So the other day, he chose to cash in and reward himself with some TV. While the TV warmed up, a news show was covering the latest Donald Trump footage with audio of him degrading women and speaking as if he owns them. (If you really haven’t seen it and must.)

It’s like a car wreck. I admit that I did watch the video on my phone, but I found myself asking my wife to hurry up and switch on the children’s version of Netflix as the video of the bus rolled and the sound of the bleeps echoed out of our family-room.

Family. My wife and I put effort into raising a family, with the goal of supporting children who contribute kindly and respectfully toward the world. My daughter is only six month old but I can only pray that a man like Trump doesn’t attract her future. I find I don’t even want my son to hear “The Donald’s” voice.

I grew up with parents who very much allowed me to form my own political opinions, to the point that they didn’t even share who they voted for, but this isn’t about swaying my son or daughter to the left or right.

This is about the basic incentive system we are trying to teach my son by allowing him to choose TV as a reward. With good behavior, rewards will come your way.

My son receives coins for controlling his temper-tantrums. When he normally may throw a fit when being picked up from school or being told it’s bath night, he could earn a coin if he reels it in. We’re not asking him to enjoy the transition, just rein in the kicking, screaming and rock-solid defiance.

He can also receive a coin for taking responsibility for his actions, say telling the truth. Picking up his toys and respectful dinner time behavior will also earn coins.

So to Trump I ask, how does your behavior, current and past, reinforce these behaviors that I am trying to plant in my children? I don’t see you controlling your temper-tantrums, taking responsibility or telling the truth.

The President of the United States of America should be someone who can teach our sons and daughters principles of healthy behavior and leadership. 

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