Why to be Thankful for Your Kids’ “Bad” Behavior

It can be tough for us as adults to live with kids. Kids have trouble understanding adult rules, like  don’t throw sand outside the sandbox. Don’t stand on chairs and balls aren’t for throwing in the house are hard rules for children’s brains to comprehend.

Adults have been living with adult brains for so long it’s tough for us to understand childish behavior sometimes. Tough is an understatement at times. 

And then there is the annoying behavior like whining, complaining and stubbornness. Some say lying begins as early as age two. I have an extremely hard time when yelling and screaming occurs. 

As my wife put it the other day, they are inviting me to yell back and take part. Often times I do. And then she sent me this:

Life is a matter of perspective, and this outlines for me the positive in what I’ve always seen as annoying and negative behavior:

Arguing and backtalk is a sign of honesty, strong feelings and confidence. 

Yelling is a sign of expressiveness and a desire to be heard. 

Stubbornness is really determination and focused intensity.

Being bossy and strong is a sign of leadership and assertiveness. 

Lying is a sign of good brain activity, good memory and a desire to keep the peace. 

Stealing is a sign of the ability to plan, have courage and take risks. 

Irritability is a sign of being sensitive. 

Insecurity shows an awareness of the feelings and perspectives of others. 

Impulsiveness is engrained in children but it shows Energy and that they are living in the moment, having quick responses. 

Whining shows persistence and an insight to people. 

Complaining is really an awareness of problems and shows potential for problems solving.

Defensiveness shows a strong sense of what is right and wrong. 

Simple to write about. Not easy to practice.

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