Letting My Son Lead Even Though It Isn’t Where I’d Choose

We kept things simple New Years Day, hanging out in pajamas for the majority of the day. We played Play-Doh, ate various snacks, read books and continued our adventure sessions with various Christmas toys.

There’s been a pattern over this holiday break, one  driven by an extremely cold streak–we’re talking negative air temps for several consecutive days, and that is when my one year old takes a nap, my five year old gets some TV time.

I’m not the biggest TV watcher, and I’m proud to say the TV isn’t on consistently in our house. No, I’m not anti-TV, but my time is so limited, I’m lucky to find time for even a 50 minute show. My view is that kids will have the rest of their lives to immerse themselves with screen time.

So today, when my son asked to watch some TV, we set him up on Netflix and he selected an already watched favorite DreamWorks’ Trolls.  


Despite critical reviews from bloggers regarding subliminal messages about the movie representing recreational drugs or presenting assimilation as the only way to happiness, I found the time with my son to be relaxing and enjoyable.

I was able to meet the infamous Cloud Guy who has started a pop culture movement morphing the classic fist bump into sandwiches, shark attacks and gear shifts. Hilarious.

My sons humor was exposed naturally through various slap stick scenes, even asking to repeat especially hilarious moments. Priceless.

And there is a certain relaxation that comes with being able to unplug and just hang with my kindergartner. Let’s face it, there will come a time when I’ll probably be asking him to watch movies with me. Chilling.

Over all, the movie was light-hearted, funny and musical. The battle between the Bergens and The Trolls shouldn’t be perceived as subliminal messages for hate and evil. But this rant isn’t about a movie review.

This post is about allowing our sons and daughters to lead us at times. Chances are what they want to play or watch will not always be something you want to do or are interested in. But what’s the harm in taking an hour or so to learn from them. Learn about what they are investigating, watching, playing.

Let’s face it. How many choices do your kids have? They are told and directed much of their young lives, why not give them the power to lead you from time to time?

What can it hurt, besides giving you a lazy afternoon on the couch eating snacks? That is if you choose to follow down the movie route.


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