Two Going on Twelve

Just celebrated my baby girl’s second birthday. Two years ago my wife and I welcomed her into this world, and we were nestled in the hospital room with a sleeping, eating, pooping and peeing bundle, who barely made a peep. Now we are full blown negotiating what and when to do things.

My how things change and evolve in just two years.


She has her preferred and favorite outfits. (Definitely not denim.)

Make her do anything, and she will say no.

She loves stuffed animals, especially puppy.

She’ll stand up to her five-and-a-half year old brother. (Unfortunately, standing up lately has been involving teeth.)

It’s an unbelievably hands on time, even as she now wants us to be completely hands off for what seems like the majority of time. But that’s the funny part. Sometimes, she’ll act as if she’s going on 12, and other times she’ll revert back to infancy wanting to be picked up and coddled.

A nice blend of trying and sweet, all we can do as fathers is to remain supportive and let them know we are here for them, no matter what side of the development coin lands up at this moment.

Happy 2nd Birthday Marlow! So glad you’re here with us. You amaze me more every day.


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