Easter Monday Full of Hope

Happy Easter. Or I should say, I hope you had a happy Easter. Happy Easter Monday! Easter Monday is a holiday in some countries. Australia considers both Good Friday and Easter Monday a holiday, closing most tourist attractions and public areas. South Africa has renamed Easter Monday as Family Day, giving most workers the day off.

But when you compare the Christmas season to Easter, America definitely ranks Christmas first. Maybe it’s commercial or maybe it’s easier for those on the fence of the Christian faith to believe the birth of Jesus rather than the resurrection. Even National Geographic can prove that Jesus did in fact live on earth.

Recently, as I become more aware of my spirituality and connection with God, I enjoy the message of Easter more. Don’t get me wrong, the tradition of Christmas has many more warm memories of family gatherings, but there is a reason why Easter is considered much more holy in the Christian church than Christmas.

Easter tradition for my family involves coloring Easter eggs, a visit from the Easter bunny and church. My kids were showered with gifts and chocolates. We were finding hidden chocolates until late in the evening.


But if there is one tradition that I can pass on to my kids about Easter, it’s that there is hope for a new day. We can always work to release our burdens and look forward to a new day. Hope. You can read countless stories about believers who have succumbed to death in a peaceful, content state.

Life is suffering. Or as The Bible says, we are all sinners. Buddhism says life is suffering. Call it what you will. One thing is for sure life is not always easy. Throw in young kids and juggling of family commitments, double not easy at times. And let’s face it, kids will let you know of their suffering first and foremost. Tears, screams, even the words “I hate you,” spring forth.

But to me, the Easter message says that no matter what tough times we may go through as a family, there will be new days. The hope is a vision of heaven after this world. Not that this world can’t be heaven at times.

There’s the older brother taking his two year-old sister’s hand when she reaches out in the parking lot, choosing him over her mom or Dad. Heaven. And then there’s the tantrum meltdown fight over toys a bit later.

Ups and downs. Good times. Tough times. Always something to look forward to.

Happy Easter every day.

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