Working to Stay Poop Proud

It’s amazing how excited kids get about passing a stool, a turd, a crap, a bowel movement. Whatever you call it, this is the one thing we all have in common but some may even consider the topic “taboo,” as it does in the description of the recent movie Poop Talk.

My daughter potty trained quickly, almost to the day of her second birthday, so I can remember vividly getting excited about her successfully using the “big girl potty.” It’s definitely a milestone, a light at the end of the tunnel of constant diapers.


Once you become a parent, no topic is taboo. But one thing I’ve recently been made aware of his how grateful I am when my daughter can comfortable go to the bathroom. We all know the power of gratitude, but how often are you grateful after using the toilet?

My daughter  just finished up a long enough fight with pneumonia and during her sickness I think she became dehydrated enough where she hadn’t pooped for several days. What better way to celebrate health than cheering her on to take a good seat on a toilet.

What’s Your Poo Telling You and What’s My Pee Telling Me are two classic books take a humorous medical point of view to excriment, as these two things can tell us a lot about our health.

Try it. A successful trip to the bathroom can be a way to stay thankful. Or maybe you already are. But this is just a little reminder to stay proud of a good poop, and be thankful next time you or your kids visit the bathroom with a success (even if it is at the most unconvenient of times.)

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