How Are You Taking the Test Given by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Today is the beginning of day four since schools have closed in Minnesota since the COVID-19 pandemic has reached middle America. There has been a shift in thinking, in work, in our communities and world as this virus has spread.

A week ago, about 10 co-workers and I got together at a local restaurant to connect and catch up as part of our montly ritual. Today, that’s not reccomended or even possible. Something larger than all of us is at work, and one could say that the current events are Biblical.

Whether or not you believe the spread of COVID-19 and the devistation it has and will leave behind is the work of God or science, one thing for sure is that this is a test for humanity.

The tests for humanity obviously involve the medical but also political, social, and individual. This is a virus that has never been detected in humans before, so scientists are being tested to create an entirely new virus in the future. Politicians are being tested to work together and think beyond economy or platform or votes. Neighbors are being tested to figure out how to be a community at a distance, as the CDC is reccomending to “social distance” by at least six feet to protect against community spreading. And families will be tested by being together consistently for days.

Our family is so fortunate in so many ways, a couple of them being that my wife and I have jobs with the ability to work remote. This does also involve it’s own tests. Tests like how to construct the day for focus, efficiency, and the least amount of fighting.

One way we’ve done this is by posting a schedule for our seven and three year old:

The Schedule

People need structure, whether we like to admit it or not. Comfort can be found in structure. I’ve found it fascinating at how both of my kids are asking about what’s on the schedule next, and my second-grader has even started suggesting things for the schedule for the following day.

Comfort in what’s next. A schedule. Part of this current pandemic test is also seeking comfort in not knowing what is next. One day the govenor says they will not be closing the schools. The next day schools will be closing to plan for distance learning.

Thank God for teachers and care providers in regards to this current lockdown test so far. I’m reminding myself that it is for the good of the community to distance ourselves. For the sake of the elderly or immune comprimised, for the sake of our medical teams and facilities, we have taken to a new schedule.

One of my daily scheduled times is prayer and meditation. And you can bet that this is on the schedule for the regular morning routine, but is also on the schedule for whenever I get a chance these days.

May you excel at today’s tests and keep learning.

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