We Know About the Coronavirus Already

Hopefully, you have learned to moderate your news consumption during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Three-and-a-half months in I’ve learned that all I really need is 15 minutes of news, twenty if I want to read an article or two in depth.

It’s good to keep up on any new developments of how the virus transmits, but we don’t need a running tally of positive tests or updates on where the latest hotspots are. Take precautions, wash your hands, and wear a mask to protect the greater good.

My wife and I are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, and with our home-focused routine, it’s rare we’re in the car as a family, let alone driving around with one of the kids. But the other day, I found myself driving to pick-up take out with my four-year old daughter.

It was less than a 10 minute drive on city streets, so I decided I was going to binge on the latest news, turning on the local news radio. Of course, coronavirus updates were happening, including interviews with front-line works at hospitals.

Maybe a minute or two into the news article, just as I was really getting into the story, I hear a small soft voice from the back seat, “We already know about the coronavirus, so can we turn this off.” From the mouths of babes. 

“Yes,” was my reply. “Yes, we can.” And I proceeded to turn off the coronavirus news and turn on some music for the rest of the ride.

Faith Over Fear

Moments like this are what I call God-moments. Children are a lot of work. They require so much time and effort, in teaching and instructing and answering questions, never mind the basic necessities of washing, feeding, and playing. But moments like this are when God speaks right out of the mouth of a child.

We know the coronavirus is out there. We know what precautions to take. We are all learning to live in this world of a new virus. And once you know about it, turn on some music and do what you need to do to enjoy the ride.

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